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Nova Scotia has the climate of the future.  While climate change has negative efects for most, it is delivering an ever-improving climate for growing grapes in Nova Scotia. 

There exists both abundant and affordable properties. Many of these properties are historic in nature.

The unique Nova Scotian terroir creates uniquely wonderful wines.

95% of all Nova Scotia properties are on salt water.

Provincial funding availability to encourage the growth f the NS Wine industry.

The people of the Maritimes!  If you can remember the US from fifty years ago...that's Nova Scotia today!

You are welcome in are respected in are wanted in Canada!

Many vineyards are positioned on the Bay of Fundy, the home to the largest tidal swings in the world (50+ ft). 
These unique tidal movements have a positive effect on the growth season for our grapes.


The famous Bay of Fundy tides, are the greatest on Earth. 

Twice daily, this tide pulses in and out of the bay. 

Each of these tidal cycles involves over 200 billion tonnes of water...this is greater than the volume of water found in ALL OF THE RIVERS OF THE WORLD! 

Located between the Artic and Temperate ecozones, over 2400 species have been identified in this bay. 

A local restaurant actually serves meals on the ocean floor! 

Can you do that in Napa? 

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Our land is plentiful, our climate is ideal, the government cost-shares start-up expenses, the exchange rate is favorable to investment, the people of this province are delightful, and our wine industry has reached a point of quality to demand the respect of the  international market. 
  1. Industry Goals
    With the recent harvest, there are xxx acres of grapes planted in Nova Scotia. The goal set for this industry is to have double the acres of grapes in production by 2020. Be a part of our success!
  2. Provincial Funding
    In recognition of the growth potential of this industry, the Nova Scotia Provincial Government has set up programs that aid the new and existing owners in cost-sharing the acquisition and expansion of their vineyards.
  3. Properties
    There exists an abundance of affordable land in areas favorable to the growing of wine grapes in Nova Scotia. Much of this land sits on the Minas Basin, where the highest tides in the world exist, bringing a unique micro-climate to the benefit of this crop.
  4. Entrepreneurs Wanted
    Your experience is welcomed. Your ideas will help to propel our burgeoning wine industry. Join us and together we will make a significant positive impact to the Nova Scotia economy. As we are fond of saying here, the rising tide will raise all boats!
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