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We recognize that there may be several issues driving your decision to consider Nova Scotia and its wine industry as an appropriate opportunity for your future growth.  To familiarize you with this wonderful Province, we have gathered information together to allow you to browse this opportunity and find many answers to your questions in one place. 
When you wish to take this idea to the next step, know that we are but an email or a call away from being able to connect you to one of our expert resources for further and more in depth discussions. 



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While wine grapes have been grown in Nova Scotia for centuries, for practical purposes, the wine industry is in its third decade.  The benefit to you is that there is now a developed base of varietals that consistently produce the base for an industry that consistently produces high quality and strongly desired product. 

Twelve wineries now produce the appellation wine, Tidal Bay.  Introduced in 2012, this wine routinely receives awards in the All-Canadian Wine Championships.  In fact, Avondale Sky Winery's Tidal Bay won Best in Class designation and Double Gold in the most recent championships.  This is anther indicator of the maturation of the Nova Scotia wine industry.   



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The people, the pace, the unspoiled beauty, the culture, the music, the pride, the remarkable tides, the festivals, the food, the active lifestyle, the diversity, the welcoming attitude, the cooperative attitude, the vast opportunities...the opportunity of a lifetime!  More reasons here .

Nova Scotia has an abundance of vineyard-suitable agricultural land available.  Land in Nova Scotia is both abundant and affordable, as are the homes.  There are significant numbers of historic properties available that would be suitable for development into retail locations for wineries.  Here we are providing merely a few of the properties situated nearest to where a preponderance of our vineyards/wineries are located. 



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The province of Nova Scotia has committed funding to double the acreage of grapes by 2020.  This is a serious attempt to enable a strong and growing industry into a leader in its field.  To accomplish this goal, the province is cost-sharing in a significant number of areas to incent those considering investment in this area.  View the Vineyard Development and Expansion program guide from the Deptartment of Ag here .
There is no prohibition on your purchase of your land and/or home as an alien.  There are a number of immigration streams available for you to use to become a permanent resident.  With this status you have all of the rights of Canadian citizens excepting the right to run for office and the right to vote.  You will be able to gain these final rights after you have lived in Canada for the requisite days. 



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Our Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau once stated that, "There is no core identity, no mainstream in Canada....There are shared values — openness, respect, compassion, willingness to work hard, to be there for each other, to search for equality and justice. Those qualities are what make us the first postnational state."  Specifically,
According to the Canadian Index of Well Being , Canadian values include fairnesss, inclusion, democracy, economic , security, safety, sustainability, diversity, equity, and health.
When the US presidential race began, a forward-thinking entrepreneur from Cape Breton created this site to provide a Canadian alternative to those concerned about the state of politics in America.  This drew hundreds of thousands of hits during the campaign and this volume has become stronger after its conclusion.  You will find a great deal of information about this part of Nova Scotia on this site, plus many links to aid in your immigration.