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As you can see, most of these wineries reside on the the tidal waters of the Minas Basin.  This basin holds the world record for the volume and size of the tidal flow that enters and leaves this basin twice each day.  In fact, more water flows in and out of this basin (200 billion tonnes) on each cycle of the tide than exists in all of the rivers of the world! This flow of water creates a unique micro-climate, highly condusive to the growth of our grapes. 
  1. Avondale Sky
    Avondale Sky
  2. Blomidon
  3. Domaine De Grand Pre
    Domaine De Grand Pre
  4. Gaspereau
  5. Luckett
  6. Planters Ridge
    Planters Ridge
  7. Lightfoot & Wolfville
    Lightfoot & Wolfville
  8. Sainte Famille
    Sainte Famille
  9. Benjamin Bridge
    Benjamin Bridge